Quality Assured Centre Scheme

The PIABC Quality Assured service is an independent quality assured measure for third party organisations which have their own training programmes.

To achieve a PIABC Quality Assured status the organisation will be visited by PIABC’s Quality Advisor who will measure the organisation against quality objectives and review policies, processes and procedures.

PIABC’s Quality Advisor will make a judgement about quality processes.


The scope of assured provision includes design, delivery, quality assurance and/or assessment.  PIABC will consider whether the programme approach and methodology is fit for purpose and suitable for the intended purpose and audience.

Quality Assured Approval will typically include consideration of:

The organisation must market the status of the programme accurately - the PIABC assured status does not assure:

  • The level or technical content
  • The candidate’s work or their competence 

The candidate will not receive a PIABC qualification.

The Quality Assured Approval does not infer competence or contribute to any licence to practice.

Following Assured Status

The organisation:

  • is required to inform candidate that they will not receive a PIABC qualification.
  • can use the PIABC Quality Assured logo on their own internal certificates or PIABC can supply a PIABC Quality Assured certificate. 
  • can use the PIABC Quality Assured logo on their own marketing material and website.
  • will provide PIABC with an annual list of candidates it has certificated.
  • is assured for 2 years, with annual checks to confirm consistency of provision.

If you have any questions about the approval process please contact the PIABC team who will be happy to help you.